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Home Alarm Reviews

Our independent burglar alarm reviews dig a little deeper into the finer details to give you the complete picture of, what seems to be, fantastic deals.

ADT Alarms

ADT, part of Tyco International Ltd, are probably the most recognised provider of home security systems in the UK. Did you know they also operate in more than 60 countries around the world? Read our ADT alarms review.

ADT Keyholder Response (£99)

* previously known as ADT Quick Connect *

ADT Quick Connect - Keyholder response
The ADT Quick Connect package is a monitored wireless burglar alarm for £99 plus £24.99 a month, key-holder response only.

ADT Police Response (£599)

* previously known as ADT Connect *

ADT Connect - Police response
The ADT Connect package is a monitored wireless burglar alarm for £599 plus £29.99 a month, police response available.

Other recommended home alarm packages

British Gas, the UK energy and home services provider, recently entered the home security market with their wireless Safe & Secure product. As security industry experts we decided to take a look at their system and give you an honest review on what we found.


Wireless and monitored WITH GUARD RESPONSE

Verisure smarthome alarm
Verisure UK offer a wireless monitored smart alarm system.

Secom Home Secure (£161)

Wireless and monitored

Secom wireless alarm
Secom Plc offer a wireless monitored home alarm system from £161 plus £23 a month.

British Gas Safe & Secure (£199)

* No longer available to buy *

British Gas burglar alarm kit
British Gas Safe & Secure is a home monitoring wireless alarm system from £199 plus £8 a month.

Home8Alarm (£329)

* Very similar to British Gas Safe & Secure *

Home8 alarm kit
Home8 Alarm comes with video verification. Wireless DIY alarm system from £329 with NO MONTHLY FEE or long-term contracts.

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