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Established 2010, Online Security Solutions Limited is owned and managed by qualified security alarm technicians with one aim:

"Deliver accurate, honest, reliable advice and solutions for UK home & business owners looking to secure their property."

We understand the vast majority of alarm information online is designed to sell you a service or solution. Our approach is somewhat different.

We give you a transparent view of the options, solutions and products available to enable you make the right, cost effective choice for your property. Everyone's budget and requirements are slightly different and should be treated as such.

If you're looking for information on wireless alarms, we have that info right here.

If you own or rent a flat/apartment and are wondering which is the right security systems for you? We have recommendations and information on flat alarms here.

Are you a pet owner - worried your cat or dog may set the alarm off, preventing you from having a security system at all?
Rest easy, there's options available for you. We explain how pet-friendly alarms work and the options available to you.

Unsure whether to buy a basic audible-only alarm or a police monitored alarm (and every system in-between), check out our beginners guide to alarms, which details the pros and cons of each.

Lastly, if you're a keen DIY person, there's some great self-installation alarm systems on the market. We cover some of those systems here.

If there's anything we've not answered and you'd like one-to-one help or advice, get in touch via our contact page.

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