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How much do burglar alarms cost?

Often the first question one asks when considering a home security alarm system and precisely the reason why we, alarm engineers, developed this burglar alarm cost calculator.

Get an approximate price for an alarm before speaking to local alarm companies and peace of mind that you're not being ripped off.

You'll also see the option to request a competitive quote from a 'hand-picked selection' of local accredited installers.

As a rough guide, here are some average prices you can expect to pay for a professionally installed 'bells-only' wireless alarm system:

Size of Property Supply and install price
2 - 3 bedroom house £500 + VAT
4 – 5 bedroom house £750 + VAT
6 – 8 bedroom house £1,200 + VAT

These are only guide prices for an audible only alarm system.
The prices above would typically include:

On top of the supply and install price we would ALWAYS recommend an annual maintenance contract with the installation company. These typically start from £80 + VAT per year.

We strongly encourage you to use the cost calculator above to get a more accurate estimate. Alternatively, use our quick quote tool and receive a free site survey and fully comprehensive quotation.

Additional optional extras and associated costs:

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