Audible-Only Alarm Systems

Also known as non-monitored or bells-only alarms

A bells-only audible alarm system is the entry level alarm system and most often the cheapest solution.

Best For
  • A visible deterrent to opportunist thieves
  • Making a noise to scare off an intruder
  • Alerting you if you're at home and someone tries to break-in
  • Making neighbours aware of a break-in
Audible Only Burglar Alarms

How they work

You set your alarm by entering a code or some systems provide one or more fobs to go on your key ring. You swipe them against the control panel instead of typing on the keypad. To deactivate the alarm you enter the code again or swipe the fob.

When the system is activated by an intruder, it will trigger sounders that are mounted inside and on the external walls of your building. A strobe light on the external sounder will flash as well.

To stop the noise and the flashing strobe, someone needs to enter the correct code or swipe the fob. The external sounder will only continue for a maximum of 20 minutes. This limit is to prevent noise pollution – we've all cursed that annoying alarm that doesn't stop in the middle of the night! The internal sounder and outdoor strobe light will continue to flash until the system is turned off.


  • The loud noise and attention it attracts is likely to scare off a chance intruder
  • There's no service charge or running cost once you've bought and installed the system
  • Battery back-up in external sounder means it keeps ringing even if the mains connection is cut


  • Bare minimum of protection: if nobody responds to the noise any intruder can carry on intruding!
  • Canny intruders can remove external sounders from the wall and put them in a bucket of water to muffle the sound

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